Tigrus Project

About project

Restaurant holding «Tigrus», which includes Georgian bistro «Shvili»,
for many years, provides funds to save the Amur tiger.
From mid-December 2015 the holding has started a special Tigrus project,
which monthly collects large amounts of money to save the Amur tigers.
By this moment the project has already raised more than
three million rubles. All funds are sent to the Anui national Park
in the Khabarovsk territory to save
the most Northern tigers in the world.

Starting 2017 bistro «Shvili» has joined the project.
Every 2 rubles received from the cost of each dish
help to save the tigers. Every visitor can donate
any amount of money, notifying the waiter.

The funds are spent on feeding ungulates,
which are part of the food chain of tigers and to combat poaching.
Let’s together care about the wealth of our nature!
The Tigrus project is your pleasure, listed on charity.

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